Bending Wood to Make Furniture

Whether on a modern furniture website, in antique stores or art galleries, furniture made from bending wood has been a popular design created for centuries. But how does one bend wood?

Bending wood to make furniture is not as difficult as you might think. There are two ways to accomplish this design. The first method is to steam the wood. The heat and vapor allow for the wood to be flexible and easily reshaped. Once you are able to bend the piece of wood you can clamp it into a new shape; the wood will retain the shape after it has dried. It is important to secure the wood to help retain its shape. It is possible for there to be spring-back if the wood is exposed to high heat and humidity.

The second method is to laminate together several thin pieces of wood and clamp them to a form as they dry. This process uses a rigid adhesive between each layer, which allows for no spring-back. This method was used for the design of our Minimal Series.Take a closer look at the Walnut Bench; you can clearly see the various layers flowing along the front edge of the bench, forming a lovely sculptured line. The sustainably forested wood is the natural focus of the bench.

Bending wood also allows precision control over the design of the furniture; you can see this in the design of our Minimal Bend Nester tables. It would be quite difficult to hand carve nesting tables so seamlessly, not to mention the process would waste a lot of wood. By using the laminate bending process, we are able to create three tables which only take up the space of one until they are needed—and form their own beautifully curved design as they nest.

To learn more about the bent wood furniture we offer, browse our website today or contact us with your questions.


Green Your Office: Create an Environmentally-Responsible Surrounding

This isn't about turning everything green in your office. If you are unsure about the universal word 'green;’ it is about focusing your attention on sustainability and the preservation of the environment. When you 'green your office', it indicates that you have an understanding of global warming, the greenhouse effect, and how pollution is detrimental to our land and water; acknowledging these, proves your social responsibility in the workplace. 

Going green is not only a great way to save green, (like trees, grass, plants, many vegetables, and possibly a lot of money), but also a means to give back what has been taken from the earth. Therefore, the concept of ‘green your office’ is to strive for sustainability; where even the furniture in the office has no negative environmental impact, as a result of its existence. Everything in your office (or workplace) may not be 100 % sustainable, but here is a list of eco-friendly items – equipment, fixtures, and furniture – to consider when redesigning your office space and doing your part for our planet. 


  • Ergonomically designed chairs are important for long hours of sitting.
  • Make recycling easy by adding desk-side recycling bins.
  • Minimal design Wall Desks from BOTANIST™ can help eliminate the clutter and create more space in your office than you've ever imagined.
  • BOTANIST™ Tables, recycled from aluminum; making them light-weight and easy to move.
  • Energy- efficient lighting will save you money and use plants as natural air filters.


  • Computer Considerations:  Laptops consume five times less energy than desktop PCs.
  • Printers: Some brands, like Hewlett Packard (HP), utilize recycled parts in their newest models; and Nokia, along with other companies, are introducing greener printers.
  • Fax machines are unnecessary. You can use a fax software program and save paper. 
  • Copiers: Look for energy-saving models, which will shut down the machine when not in use.

With environment-friendly products present in your office it is clear that you care about the planet, your employees, and the next generation, for that matter. 

For more on greening your office decor, contact us.



Eco-Friendly Office Environments Can Improve Productivity

While eco-friendly has been used to describe choices from light bulbs to windows in offices, some evidence suggests that eco-friendly office climates can promote worker productivity.

Open Space

Since access to natural light can be key for individuals working indoors, opening up spaces can allow for more light throughout the workspace. Open spaces also support collaborative work, promoting creativity and communication. Open areas may be a benefit, but so is effectively using the space in an office building. To accommodate more open space in the middle of the room, it may be necessary to provide work areas with a functional, but minimalist, approach. Floating desks can attach easily to any wall surface and provide much needed workspace without sectioning off a room or taking up leg room.

Positive Attitude

Increased collaboration and focus on large-scale ideas can support productivity and lead to additional opportunities for employee training. Such positivity can support not only the company's reputation, but also lead to improved employee attitudes and create a cycle of positive interactions within the community at large. This 'virtuous cycle' can benefit the environment through eco-friendly modifications, as well as aid in the creation of a highly productive business environment. Green companies often report a high number of qualified applicants for open positions, and improved employee performance by up to 16% from companies that have not voluntarily 'gone green.'

Easy Modifications

While redesigning a workspace may seem to be a daunting task, many individuals report that even simple changes revitalize the work force. Rearranging existing furniture and items is a simple, no cost, method of altering the environment. After making a physical change, take inventory of items that appear to limit communication and open spaces. Consider modifying the environment with new seating, particularly well-designed and socially responsible pieces. Add to the existing environment, being sure to allow for areas of collaboration, as well as individual work spaces. Benches are one option to provide less bulk, but additional seating, in a given area. Nesting tables can be easily stacked to take up less space until needed for group work or meeting space. Implement eco-friendly options into these purchases such as items made with recycled aluminum, or re-purposing existing items. 

For additional ideas, or more information on any of the pieces discussed here, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss some of the recent, eco-friendly solutions we've developed for spaces like the Ross Perot Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas, TX.


Environmentally Friendly Products Now Available in Every Color under the Sun

If you’re used to the idea that anything eco-friendly has to be drab and boring, we intend to explode that myth today. Powder coating allows us to paint any of our metal products in just about any color you want, and still be friendly to the environment.

Powder coating is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable because it is applied to metal as a dry paint. An electrostatic charge binds the powder to the metal until the product enters the manufacturing oven, where it is heated to fuse the paint to the metal.  The powder does not include any solvents, which are the main ingredient in paint that is harmful to the environment. The presence of solvents also raises the risk of fire in the manufacturing process.

Powder coating is an environmentally-friendly process for a number of other reasons as well:

  • There are no volatile organic compounds.
  • Excess powder can easily be captured and recycled during the coating process.
  • There is no need for a drying period, so the manufacturing process takes less time.
  • Powder is safer for employees because there are fewer hazardous chemicals involved and powder washes off easily.
  • Powders “cure” (bond with the metal) at lower temperatures, which saves on energy consumption.
  • There is less waste in the coating process.

Powder coating has been used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes for over 30 years now, for everything from display racks to exercise equipment, automobiles to patio furniture, in every color under the sun. As you can see from our color chart, we offer a number of bright, pleasing colors, and you can easily order custom colors as well.

So whatever perfect color you have in mind, powder coating can bring that vision to reality. Contact us today to learn more.


Orange22 Back to School Design Contest


Sharpened pencils. Gaming monitors. Docking stations. Mac books and more. That’s right, it’s August –Back-to-School Month. Parents wait with bated breath. Children shriek in horror… where did the summer go?

This is it! One final trip to the beach. A mad dash for school supplies and clothes that fit. Packing college-bounds for their new home away from home.

We couldn’t think of a better time to launch the Orange22 Back to School Design Contest, where you can share original photos, drawings and sketches of modern work stations, study corners or rooms, and home offices featuring furniture from our Minimal Collection.

Throughout the month, as designs come in, they will be featured on the Orange22 blog and social media pages including Pinterest and Houzz. Readers will help us decide a winner by commenting on their favs.

In September, a winner will be crowned and will receive a Set of Two Minimal Stacking Stools from the Orange22 Minimal Collection.


Intrigued? Exxxcellent!


Submit Your Design Ideas Here.


Contest Rules

  • Must be 18 years old or older to participate.
  • Submissions must feature at least one product from Orange22’s Minimal Collection in your photo, drawing or sketch.
  • All photos, drawings and sketches must be posted to your blog first, then submitted using this form by 5:00 p.m. PST on Friday, August 30, 2013.


Eco-Friendly Furniture for Your Home and Office

Minimal Collection Wall-Mounted Desk

If you're like most people, truly “going green” can seem overwhelming. You recycle and you try to purchase healthy or environmentally-friendly products when you can. Still, you haven't been able to escape that feeling that you should be doing more. 

You've probably seen people on television who live in carved out trees or in completely off the grid mansions with practically no carbon footprint. In fact, a recent article in Money Magazine features a couple with plans to build an entirely green home with a price tag that will reach upwards of $1.3 million. There are lots of stories about these impressive, eco-friendly homes and lifestyles, but going green is doable for most, if not everyone. Orange22 helps outfit your home and office with accessible, eco-friendly furniture and accessories.

Benches, Tables and Desks

Orange22 features essential, yet simply-designed pieces that are a welcome addition to any environment, home or office.  The Botanist™ Collection features the artistic input of different designers from all over the world, and a portion of the proceeds from each Botanist™ product sold goes to a socially-responsible charity of the designer’s choice.

As far as sustainability, Orange22 products are lightweight and easy to transport, they create very little waste during manufacturing, and aluminum products contain 20 to 40% recycled content. The selection of benches, tables and desks provide minimalist, modern designs for every budget. Prices range from just under $300 for a set of three Minimal Collection nesting tables to a few thousand for the more ornate, designer desks and benches in the Botanist™ Collection.

Going Green beyond Smart Décor

As with anything worth doing, when you make steady changes, however minimal, the results will build up overtime. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas to keep you moving forward:

  • use energy conserving light bulbs;
  • use more cloth and less plastic;
  • purchase green cleaners;
  • decorate with eco-friendly furniture;
  • install low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads; and
  • upgrade to energy efficient appliances.

To shop for Orange22 eco-friendly furniture and accessories or to learn more about the Botanist™ Collection, please contact us.


Ross Perot Museum of Science and Nature Video Install

Check out this new video of the custom Botanist™ Seating installation at the new Ross Perot Museum in Dallas Texas. 


BOTANIST™ by Orange22 | Custom Seating Program for Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science from dario Antonioni on Vimeo.

The Botanist™ seating rang consists of tables and benches made from recycled aluminum. Adaptable to high traffic environments including museums, airports, universities, libraries, office lobbies, outdoor parks, retail interiors, hospitals and many others. Choose from an endless array of custom colors and the ability to specify your own graphics and surface treatments from logos to unique statements. For more information visit:


Uncrate features Float Minimal

Share this post TFUPM Posted February 05, 2013

The ultimate blog on all things cool featues Minimal Float Desk. Read the full posting here and spread the love by telling and srahing with your freinds. 



Orange22 grants Baresque AU an Exclusive

Share this post TFUPM Posted November 15, 2012 in Baresque

Orange22 grants Baresque an exclusive license to expands its Botanist™ brand into Australia and New Zealand.

“It is very exciting to be able to bring the highly acclaimed Botanist collection to Australia. We are also proud to manufacture the products, designed by world renowned designers, right here in Australia. Included within our newly launched Baresque Studio Collection, Botanist is an extension of our inspiring and innovative furniture solutions.” - Angus Blaiklock, Executive Director of Baresque.


Ross Perot Science Museum Order Ships

The new Ross Perot Science Museum in Texas designed by luminary architect Morphosis has specified custom Botanist benches throughout. Benches feature custom water-jet statements like; "Did you know that all the carbon found in your body was formed in the universe billions of years ago?". The large order has shipped out and is on its way to inspire and educate the museums guests. To inquire about custom Botanist options including logos, text, color and even sizes and shapes please drop us an email. Enjoy ~