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Dawn of the Digital Age

Dawn of the Digital Age

“Once decoration spoke of ritual, religious iconography, or spiritual images - now I am interested in it speaking to us about our new spiritualism - the spirit of the digital and information age.”  - Karim Rashid

Botanist Designer, Karim Rashid

“Orikami” End Table

“Orikami” Cocktail Table

“Orikami” Bench

The communication of ideas is what designers spend their lives doing.  We are constantly searching for creative ways to reach our audience, to vocalize our vision through our designs - to tell a story.  Messages can be conveyed in an infinite number of ways, especially with the astounding advances made in today’s modern technology.  World-renowned designer Karim Rashid has a reputation for his unique ability to communicate volumes through his fluid, imaginative, and decorative designs.

“I love meaningful decoration,” says Karim.  “Historically, decoration was used as a form of language, as well as a means of denoting the possibility of the human hand, the richness of craft, the workmanship of a period.  With automation and the industrial revolution decoration was developed to carry on the spirit of the past, and a way of ‘humanizing’ industrial objects.  Now in our new digital age we see new digitally inspired decorative language taking place.”

With thousands of objects put into production, Karim’s digital language has graced many aspects of life from furniture to cosmetics, artwork to architecture.  Karim’s “Orikami” series for Botanist perfectly illustrates his ability to speak the digital language fluently, with simple horizontal lines composing a masterpiece of intertwining shapes.  With a color palette of muted champagne and white, the decoration in each Botanist piece has a voice of its own.

As part of the Botanist mission, each designer selects a charitable foundation that benefits from proceeds from their series.  The “Orikami” series by Karim Rashid donates funds to DIFFA.  By purchasing an end table, cocktail table or bench in Karim’s series you vicariously support those in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Be part of our vision to change the world, one bench at a time.  Let us help you tell your story through responsible modern design that is on the cutting edge of the future.

Karim signing an authentic stainless steel badge for his “Orikami” series at the Chelsea Museum

Karim speaks at the Botanist launch event to attendees about his series


Making a Big DIFFA-rence

DIFFA (Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS) continues to grant funds to organizations across the globe 

DIFFA’s “Dining By Design” event which benefits HIV/AIDS
Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

For the last twenty-six years, DIFFA has mobilized the immense resources of the design communities and granted over $38 million to hundreds of AIDS service organizations nationwide.  Founded by Patricia Green and Larry Pond, this incredible organization is taking matters into their own hands through:

  • preventive education programs targeted to populations at risk of infection
  • treatment and direct-care services for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • public policy initiatives which add resources to private sector efforts

Botanist is proud to stand behind DIFFA in their mission to make a difference for thousands of individuals through Karim Rashid’s “Orikami” collection.

“I want to give back to Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS,” says Rashid.  “It is one of the country’s most proactive supporters of direct care for people living with HIV/AIDS.  Merging care and commerce and design, since supporters of DIFFA come from all fields of fine design and the visual arts, including: architecture, fashion design, interior design, photography and product design, I feel I can continue to make a contribution to a cause that also has made the world of design a more public subject.”