Let it Snow!

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Let it Snow!

Sit and sip your hot cocoa in style this joyous holiday with Botanist end tables, cocktail tables, and benches around your fireplace or out in the crisp white snow

Botanist performs beautifully in any outdoor condition — whether on the beach or in the snow!

Rain or shine, Botanist makes a statement for your outdoor landscaping

Your holiday guests will love a place to rest, inside or out,  while they catch up on the year’s events with family

Where else can you find Christmas gifts that not only look great but give proceeds to ten charitable foundations worldwide?  As the first product venture of its kind, Botanist continues to prove that modern design can be socially responsible, all while maintaining an eco-friendly integrity.  Not only is Botanist perfect for spring and summer, Botanist products are also terrific for winter.  Our end tables, cocktail tables and benches endure rain and snow with colors that will not fade in the bright sunlight.  You can’t ask for more in a piece of furniture.

Botanist end tables, cocktail tables and benches are perfect for outdoor use.  They employ an industrial grade powder coating on the aluminum structure, which naturally resists corrosion.  Our powder coating is tougher than any paint.  Plastic resin particles are applied to each piece, which is then baked in an oven, creating a durable layer on the surface. The colors are UV and weather resistant.  It’s the toughest stuff that we could find, and we think it looks great, too.

Botanist pieces feature the durability, quality, and style that you expect from contract grade furniture.  The optional bench pad is not only soft enough to keep you comfortable, but it is also made to stand up to the weather. We offer them in marine grade vinyl or in a durable Sunbrella Material, all made to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. 

So if you are stumped on what to get that special someone on your list this year, let us help make your holiday simple by choosing Botanist!  This is a special gift that will stay in style all year long.  While the weather outside may be frightful, you can rest assured that Botanist will withstand the elements so you can let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Botanist!

A festive red Botanist bench brings out the green in outdoor landscaping settings

Home for the Holidays

Turn your home into an energy efficient and comfortable destination for you and your holiday guests this winter

Did you know that you can significantly reduce the amount of energy required to make your home comfortable year round by installing highly-efficient heating equipment in your home?  Yes, you can dramatically lower utility bills, reduce maintenance problems and have a quieter home by using efficient equipment.

But now, more than ever, the rising costs of electricity and natural gas are persuading consumers to consider alternatives.  Virtually any type of architecture can integrate free heat directly from the sun.  This alternative energy source is known as passive solar heating.  Your home’s windows, walls and floors can be designed to collect, store and distribute solar energy in the form of heat during the winter.  Passive solar design techniques may have a higher initial cost but are often less expensive when energy and maintenance costs are factored in over the life of your home. 

Your home will provide unrivaled comfort in the cold winter season if you evaluate your home’s site orientation, incorporate efficient windows and properly sized overhangs, and optimize your use of natural light.  To learn more about how to turn your house into an energy-efficient haven, click the link below:

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