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Seating That Stands a Chance

Seating That Stands a Chance

Botanist cocktail table designed by Claude Zellwegger provides a great seating solution for holiday guests

Botanist benches make seating simple and modern with stunning finishes


Botanist works well with any color scheme and in any event setting

As we quickly approach another Thanksgiving, fond memories of holidays past relive in our minds and hearts.  With friends and family gathered around a table setting anxious to feast and enjoy time together, an atmosphere of gratitude lingers in the air.  There is no better time of year to voice your appreciation to those who have given you reason to succeed in life. 

The holidays are perfect opportunities to host gatherings.  After drinking a hot cup of cocoa or wassail, your guest will search for a place to chat with others.  Why not give your special guests something special to talk about?  Botanist benches are perfect conversation pieces for these settings and are available in a variety of beautiful colors.  Need a place to rest a mug or cocktail glass?  We have just what you need.  Botanist end tables and cocktail tables are available to coordinate with your bench selection. 

Your holiday can be complete with seating and tables that stand a chance against the expected spill.  With a durable powder coat finish, you will never have to worry about your Botanist pieces giving in to visitors’ use.  The painted aluminum surface can be treated like any other painted metal surface.  Just clean your Botanist bench, end table, or cocktail table with mild soap and water with a gentle rinse to remove residue.  Too bad the rest of your holiday preparation isn’t as simple, right? 

During this time of year, as you express your gratitude to your friends and loved ones, remember that the most sincere appreciation you can show comes through your deeds.  From all of us here at Botanist, we wish you and yours a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday season.  

Salvaged Brick Does the Trick

Find beauty in reused bricks to save you cost without sacrificing aesthetic value

Are you looking for an affordable green material to incorporate into a project?  Salvaged brick offers a vintage look with a variety of colors and thicknesses available.  These bricks are reclaimed from demolished buildings to be recycled into new construction.  If you love the exposed industrial look then bricks would be a great solution for an accent wall in apartment loft. 

Reclaimed bricks are also great to use for building pathways, stairs, or stepping stones in a garden.  Salvaged brick has benefited from the design industry’s shift toward green building materials.  Brick often holds historical value as well as the beauty of natural clay that has aged over time.  The contrast between a sleek, modern Botanist end table, cocktail table, or bench against a brick backdrop would provide a unique tactile interest. 

If you have a project you have been dreaming of, start collecting available and reclaimed materials for a cost-effective way to create your vision.  Botanist believes in providing you with knowledge about available sustainable products to uphold our mission to leave our earth better than we found it.