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Design That Sets the World Free

Design That Sets the World Free

“This design is an expression of the freedom of flight.  The shapes are bimorphic and abstract - birds, but not birds.  They scatter across the curved surfaces like leaves blown by the breeze, random, chaotic, joyful.”  


-Margo Chase

Botanist Designer, Margo Chase
“Flight” End Table

Cocktail Table


 Have you ever asked yourself what it would feel like to fly, without the aid of anything other than your body?  This seems an impossibility, especially with a knowledge of the scientific forces of the universe.  We are grounded by gravity but seek an elevated view.  Recognized graphic designer Margo Chase shares her feelings about this subject in her “Flight” series for Botanist.  In relation to her inspiration, she says:  “I recently learned to fly.  Flying a small plane is a study of contradictions, it is both an expression of freedom and an acknowledgment of man’s lack of freedom.”

This thoughtful illustration of Margo’s experience helps us imagine the daily physical life of a bird.  Margo further states that that, “even the best airplane can only approximate the experience a bird must have.  Knowing instinctively how to fly from soon after birth, to them, the sky must feel like home.”

Having said this, Botanist believes in the ability of every human being to spread forth his or her wings in attempt to attain a greater destiny and purpose, despite the challenges that always face those who seek after their dreams.  Botanist promotes the cause of designers and foundations alike who have risen to a potential to positively influence the world and set it free.  

Margo signing an authentic stainless steel badge for her “Flight” series at the Botanist launch at the Chelsea Museum in New York City

Embracing the Great Outdoors 

The Sierra Club works to preserve our open spaces, protect wilderness and endangered species, and provide outdoor programs and education

As we witness the beautiful evolution of seasons from summer to fall, our sights turn outward to behold nature’s canvas.  Margo Chase has this to say about her natural color selections for the “Flight” series:  “The colors are earth tones, the color of plains, forests and deserts, the color of the land beneath the sky and the cycle of the seasons.”  To place an end table, cocktail table, or bench from this series in any space is to embrace our earth’s landscape through all times of the year.   

The Sierra Club shares Margo’s appreciation and passion for nature.  As one of America’s oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organizations, Sierra Club works together with 1.3 million others to protect our communities and our planet.  117 years worth of dedicated service demonstrates responsible stewardship over the earth’s ecosystems and resources.  Not only does Sierra Club maintain a goal for all to explore, enjoy, and protect the planet, they are working to educate and enlist humanity to restore the quality of the natural and human environment.  Botanist is proud to support this worthy cause as we maintain the same vision to sustain our most precious treasures available.

While the Thanksgiving season is quickly approaching, our hearts and minds are filled with gratitude as we acknowledge the beauty of our earth and all creatures living in it.  If you are looking for more ways to show your gratitude in an environmentally conscious way, read on.  The “Flight” series by Margo Chase donates funds to the Sierra Club.  By purchasing an end table, cocktail table or bench in Margo’s series you vicariously support support the Sierra Club in their work to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the freedom of the natural world.