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Aluminum: A Cycle of Good

Aluminum: A Cycle of Good

From Trash … To Glam

An inside look into one of the most powerful products available that is crushing the competition for durability and sustainability

Botanist is made from Recycled Aluminum

Aluminum is everywhere.  We see it in soft drink cans, pie plates, foil, packaging, siding — and Botanist. What many people do not realize is that aluminum is practically the perfect recyclable material.  Out of the most common items that clutter up our landfills– glass, paper, metals, cardboard, plastics — aluminum is the only material that is endlessly recyclable.

According to The Aluminum Association, an estimated 1.56 billion pounds of used cans were recycled during 2008.  Recycling is essential to maximize the ultimate use of any material.  We believe in producing products that do not require the consumption of new materials.

The world is experiencing an epidemic of deforestation due to the over consumption of wood based furniture.  Botanist does not contain wood.

Traditional outdoor wood furniture requires expensive and time consuming maintenance. Botanist requires no refinishing or maintenance.

The aluminum industry remains one of our most significant national and international successes in both positive economic and environmental impact, which is why Botanist is insistent on using it in our products.


 Aluminum is endlessly recyclable and is a sustainable solution for a greener planet

 Devastating effects of deforestation are seen here resulting from the overuse of wood based products

Botanist’s recycled aluminum composition preserves trees and the environment, even while having beautiful color options available

Botanist uses up to 50% recycled aluminum for the production of benches and tables which are 100% recyclable

Branching Out to Greater Heights

Uniting the power of trees, people and technology, TreePeople is working to grow a sustainable future for the city of Los Angeles

Photo Courtesy of
Sojka Photography

As part of our own mission to protect the earth, we stand behind those who actively work towards living a sustainable life.  The folks at TreePeople seek to support, engage, and inspire people to take personal responsibility for the urban environment; to make it safe, healthy, and fun as well as to share ideas as a model for the world.  As TreePeople sink their roots deeper into the heart of those of us who think green, more opportunities are branching out to motivate us to leave our planet better than we found it.

On October 3rd, we were honored to supply Botanist benches to be part of a temporary gallery.  The gallery was created for those being honored at TreePeople’s annual gala, An Evening Under the Harvest Moon.  This year’s recognition dinner and awards program celebrated TreePeople’s 36 years of community service. 

The evening included celebrity bingo and outdoor activities in Coldwater Canyon Park at the newly built Center for Community Forestry.  Over $250,000 was raised for TreePeople’s forestry, environmental education, and sustainability programs in Southern California. 

Botanist donated two ‘FLOW’ benches to TreePeople, paying tribute to their remarkable efforts and success in preserving the environment.

 Botanist Makes the Cover of High Point Market


Where is the one place known around the world as the vital “hub” of the home furnishings industry? 

The answer is High Point Market, the world’s most comprehensive market for the hottest home furnishings and latest trends.  Every six months, more than 85,000 people come to this industry trade show.  The fall market will begin October 17 and run until the 22nd. Botanist was featured on the cover of the October edition of Home Furnishings Business: E-Market Preview High Point Edition as being a product series worthy of worldwide recognition.  Congratulations, Botanist!