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Saving Lives Through Design

Saving Lives Through Design

“Cancer has affected far too many people in my life and I’m committed to doing something about it.  The cure is out there, we just need to find the key.”  
- Kahi Lee

Botanist Designer, Kahi Lee

“Unlock the Cure” End Table

Cocktail Table


Kahi signing her authentic stainless steel badge for her “Unlock the Cure” series at the Botanist launch at the Chelsea Museum in NYC

We may at times ask ourselves as designers if it is possible for design to exist at the center of humanity as a means of connecting to one another and the world as a whole in an intensely personal way.  It is becoming more apparent that the world of design is quickly evolving from an isolated reality into a beautiful new existence of significance and power.  Many designs being produced today seem to exist solely for the purpose of being unique or abstract, without any greater underlying cause or mission.  Yet, there are still designers working to unlock doors into new and unexplored territories at the hearts of the human race, and Botanist is at the forefront of this unstoppable dream.

As the first product venture of its kind, Botanist is about providing solutions to issues that plague our mortal existence — issues like cancer — by donating funds from the purchase of each designer series.  The “Unlock the Cure” series for Botanist designed by Kahi Lee displays keys of various shapes and sizes that have been randomly scattered across the surfaces of the end table, cocktail table, and bench.  It almost appears as though someone scattered a collection of keys in search of the right fit to a lock. 

Cancer is a lock that is in need of a key.  With nearly 1,500 people dying of cancer and 3,500 diagnosed with it each day, the effects of this destructive disease are devastating; however, Kahi strongly believes that the right key is out there and that we should not to lose hope.  “The light-reflective and luminous quality of the metallic finish symbolizes hope and optimism,” says Kahi. 

We share Kahi’s commitment to unlocking the cure by continually providing you with socially responsible furniture options.  This is Botanist’s way of establishing design at the center of humanity by empowering you to find the key to save the lives of countless individuals.

Pretty in Pink 

The month of October is dedicated to increasing awareness and public discourse about issues surrounding breast cancer

There is no better time than now to wear pink ribbons and the color pink to express support to those who are diagnosed with breast cancer.  Did you know that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women aside from skin cancer?  It is predicted that over 190,000 new cases of breast cancer will surface this year.  The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) program is dedicated to increasing awareness of the importance of early detection through a nationwide campaign held in October.  During this designated time, members of the NBCAM join forces to spread the message that early detection of cancer followed by prompt treatment saves lives.

The “Unlock the Cure” series by Kahi Lee donates funds to the Cancer Research Institute.  By purchasing an end table, cocktail table or bench in Kahi’s series you vicariously support the fight against cancer.  Here is what Kahi has to say about giving back:

“I want to give back to the Cancer Research Institute because they are leaders in supporting the development of strategies to treat and prevent cancer.  Giving back is important to me because I think we all have a duty to try to leave this world a little better than the way we found it.”

September 15th, 2009

Color Lovers: This is for You!

Customize your Botanist blank canvas bench, cocktail table, and end table with a splash of any of our 20 beautiful colors

Go from blank to bold by selecting a solid or shimmering sustainable finish for your favorite Botanist products

A wide variety of saturated bright finishes to subtle sophisticated colors are now at your fingertips

See how exciting this dining space is because of the complimentary orange and blue Botanist colors? 

Color brings enthusiasm and life to anything it touches and becomes a contagious source of energy for those who embrace it.  Is it any wonder that Botanist is catching the color craze and passing it on to you, our color lovers?

Perhaps you love one of the Botanist graphics but don’t love the color that comes with it.  Maybe Joseph Ricchio’s ‘Albero’ series is the perfect design for your space, but you need it in an electric blue instead of the ‘Inspiration Green’ color.  Well, that problem is solved. Botanist is now available in any of the 20 colors on the chart pictured to the left.  Any design, any color, no extra cost.  More power to the consumer!

All Botanist products use a no VOC powder coated paint process verses liquid paint.  VOCs are known to negatively affect the atmosphere as well as human health.  Powder coating is considered a non-toxic material and more environmentally friendly for AQMD in manufacturing.

Our powder coats are incredibly durableYour Botanist product will never need refinishing. Because the powder coat is electrostatically attached to the aluminum there is minimal waste. 99% of the finish ends up directly on the product - not on the ground, not in someone’s lungs, and certainly not in a landfill. 

Now that’s responsible coloring!

+ Download Color Chart

Just One Click Away to a Greener Day

Botanist is recognized by the Los Angeles Neighborhood Guide to Conscious Living as sleekly modern and positively inspiring

The best part of waking up for most green design gurus isn’t so much satisfying a sweet tooth, but rather an industry itch.  We want to know about the latest trends, products, and happenings. So where do we head?  Your Daily Thread, of course.  YDT is as an online hot spot that embraces green living in LA.  The site was created by Tracy Hepler and Lauren Johanson who paired up to share a daily city guide focusing on conscious living issues.  Earlier this year, YDT showcased Botanist in an article titled “Good Design to Get Behind” which highlighted a handful of Botanist’s fabulous green features, including:

- Botanist is made in the U.S.

- Contains 30-50% recycled aluminum

- Totally and endlessly recyclable

- Color finishes are a no-VOC powder coat

- Uses recycled + recyclable packaging

- Contributes LEED points for projects

Green design doesn’t get more inspired than this: a lovely and lovingly designed bench for your home or business that comes complete with a conscience,” says YDT.  And we couldn’t agree more.