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Leading architecture bookstore showcases Botanist products to promote positive change for world issues

Hennessey + Ingalls Art & Architecture Bookstore (Santa Monica, CA) 

Hennessey + Ingalls, located on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, is the largest art and architecture bookstore in the western United States dealing solely with books on the visual arts.  The broad collection and knowledgeable staff make this an important stop for anyone who has a passion for design.  Artists, architects, designers, photographers, advertisers, and film directors flock to this location when searching for the best selection of research materials available.

“When I go to Hennessey + Ingalls, it feels like going on an architectural tour of the world, like going on vacation,” says Mina Oh, architecture student at Otis College of Art & Design.  “I spend five hours in their store at a time.  I speak on behalf of other students when I say there is no where else that has so many amazing books all under the same roof.” 

Founded by Reginald Hennessey, thefamily-owned outlet is a hot spot for rare and out-of-print architecture books.  Hennessey + Ingalls is unequalled in their in-depth selections of books in art, art history, all phases of architecture, photography, interior design, graphic design, and landscaping.

Botanist was showcased by Hennessey + Ingalls for the last two months.  “We were honored to be provided the opportunity to have themdedicate their store front to the Botanist cause,” stated Dario Antonioni, founder of Orange22 Design Lab.  The display attracted many on-lookers and encouraged investigation into Botanist and its platform.  Frank Gehry and Michael Rotundy have also been featured in the Hennessey + Ingalls display window.

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The Botanist mission statement was stated on the store front window to educate passing customers 

All Botanist designers and charitable foundations were posted along side the mission statement

 The Inspirations and Spark Design Awards were also highlighted in the case


Botanist end tables, benches, and cocktail tables were donated for display

Soak Up the Sun

Solar panels provide excellent solution for natural energy and sustainable design

Did you know that the days are longer during the summer than the winter?  That means there are more hours of sunlight, and the sunlight actually has a shorter path to travel to reach the earth’s surface during summer months.  The point?  Each hour of summer sun has more energy than an hour of winter sun, and now is the best time to installsolar panels to translate all that energy to your home.

There are panels available on the market that can essentially provide you anywhere from three to eight years of free power. Recent legislation has mandated in many areas that the power company must buy excess power that you generate… so you could potentially receive a check rather than writing one.  Now that’s hot.

If you are searching for where to buy all things green, we recommend products available at www.solarhome.org.  AFREE solar evaluation is also available by calling 1-888-587-5501.

Go put that 45 spf on, and head to your roof to make your home greener this summer!