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Waves of Creativity

Burst of creativity, of self-expression and ideas is what drives us as creatives, so how does this idea get expressed in a simple visual? -Yves Behar

Botanist Designer, Yves Behar

The answer to this question is found in Behar’s ‘Pixel Burst‘ collection, composed of explosion-like patterns reminiscent of the sun’s bright rays

Energy from the sun in the form of light supports almost all life on earth and drives the earth’s climate and weather.  Without it, life would cease to exist.  Behar’s inspiration reaches far beyond the expanses of space to harness the flares occurring on the sun’s surface.  Now the energy of the sun can be experienced in modern eco-friendly furniture.  The collection includes a nesting system of an end table, cocktail table and bench.

In 1999, Behar founded the San Francisco design studio, fuseprojectwith a focus on establishing new markets and disrupting old ones through smart design.  He is focused on humanistic design and the ‘giving‘ element of his profession.  Behar believes that the creative energy and time invested in the project can make a difference, and the values he aspires to create will have long term impact.  “Design has a democratizing power,” says Behar.  “As designers we need to use that power.”

During this time of economic turmoil, people everywhere are frantic to find hope and optimism for the future.  Yves Behar’s design concept reaches out to those who need assurance in a time of darkness.  Just as the sun rises each morning, the dawn of a bright futureis sure for all.

End table

Cocktail Table


Each Botanist piece includes an authentic badge signed by the designer.

Botanist founder Dario Antonioni, Yves Behar, and associate at the Chelsea Museum launch party in New York City.

 Making Waves…

The Surfrider Foundation offers dedicated protection of our world’s oceans, waves, and beaches

Summer has officially arrived, and with that millions are heading to the beach.  Some venture into the water to catch some waves and others simply soak up the sun on the warm sand.  It just wouldn’t be summer without these traditions.

Imagine if the earth’s most beautiful features — the ocean and the beach — became inaccessible due to harsh environmental impacts.  Thanks to Surfrider Foundation, a charitable organization that has been protecting our oceans and beaches since 1984, we can be sure to enjoy these beautiful places for years to come.

The ‘Pixel Burst‘ collection by Yves Behar donates funds to Surfrider Foundation.  By purchasing a ‘Pixel Burst’ end table, cocktail table, or bench you support the safety of our beaches. 

Join the 50,000 Surfrider Foundation members and help save our oceans, waves, and beaches.