Obama Honors Botanist Designer Milton Glaser

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Botanist Designer, Milton Glaser

President Obama presented the medal after Glaser’s contributions to arts in the United States were recognized

The 2009 National Medal of Arts awarded to Milton Glaser


Glaser’s most recognizable icon in America developed to market tourism in New York

“All of us are here to share a recognition of the importance of the arts and humanities -pursuits and professions that enrich the mind, nourish the soul, and strengthen the character of this country. They bring us joy, understanding, and insight. They bring us comfort in good times and perhaps especially in difficult times in our own lives and in the life of our nation.”

These words were delivered by President Barack Obama at the White House on February 25th, 2010, during the National Medal of Arts ceremony. The National Medal of Arts is the highest award given to individuals or groups who are deserving of special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to the excellence, growth, support and availability of the arts in the United States.

Over the last 25 years, more than 250 individuals have been presented with this lifetime achievement award. Milton Glaser, one of the biggest names in design who has devoted lifetime to improving the way people communicate through innovation and graphic design, was presented with this prestigious award.

Glaser is recognized for his gift as a graphic artist to generate immediately recognizable icons like the I (Heart) NY logo. He has created memorable visual artifacts that challenge contemporary artists and delight all Americans. He is the only graphic artist to have had one-man shows at both the Centre Gorges Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

During the ceremony, President Obama spoke of a yearning shared by all of us for truth, beauty, and connection that is satisfied by designers like Glaser who has enriched and enhanced America’s legacy. He has truly made the most of his gift and reached the peak of cultural achievement. Glaser is a testament to the breadth and depth of the human spirit, forging our nation’s legacy through meaningful artistic contributions.

The people who are shaping our legacy are “the creators, imaginers, entertainers — helping each of us understand the human experience and recognize that common humanity,” said President Obama. It is because of designers like Milton Glaser that we can understand who we are as Americans, a culture in which all of us can find a place.

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Epigram = An Ingenious Turn of Thought

The only modern furniture of its kind with Milton Glaser’s signature wit and simplicity

Glaser signing an authentic stainless steel badge for his “Epigram” series at the Chelsea Museum in NYC

Nowhere else in the world can you own furniture by Milton Glaser but through Botanist. Not only is Glaser’s “Epigram”series an ingenious turn of thought, it goes beyond the average end table, cocktail table, or bench to give funds to the International Rescue Committee. How smart is that?

You can be part of Glaser’s legacy by owning an original “Epigram” piece. You get a great piece of graphically designed furniture and feel good about supporting a worthwhile cause. Botanist is proud to stand behind The International Rescue Committee in their mission to make a difference through Milton Glaser’s “Epigram” collection.

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