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If you're like most people, truly “going green” can seem overwhelming. You recycle and you try to purchase healthy or environmentally-friendly products when you can. Still, you haven't been able to escape that feeling that you should be doing more. 

You've probably seen people on television who live in carved out trees or in completely off the grid mansions with practically no carbon footprint. In fact, a recent article in Money Magazine features a couple with plans to build an entirely green home with a price tag that will reach upwards of $1.3 million. There are lots of stories about these impressive, eco-friendly homes and lifestyles, but going green is doable for most, if not everyone. Orange22 helps outfit your home and office with accessible, eco-friendly furniture and accessories.

Benches, Tables and Desks

Orange22 features essential, yet simply-designed pieces that are a welcome addition to any environment, home or office.  The Botanist™ Collection features the artistic input of different designers from all over the world, and a portion of the proceeds from each Botanist™ product sold goes to a socially-responsible charity of the designer’s choice.

As far as sustainability, Orange22 products are lightweight and easy to transport, they create very little waste during manufacturing, and aluminum products contain 20 to 40% recycled content. The selection of benches, tables and desks provide minimalist, modern designs for every budget. Prices range from just under $300 for a set of three Minimal Collection nesting tables to a few thousand for the more ornate, designer desks and benches in the Botanist™ Collection.

Going Green beyond Smart Décor

As with anything worth doing, when you make steady changes, however minimal, the results will build up overtime. Here are a few eco-friendly ideas to keep you moving forward:

  • use energy conserving light bulbs;
  • use more cloth and less plastic;
  • purchase green cleaners;
  • decorate with eco-friendly furniture;
  • install low flow faucets, toilets and shower heads; and
  • upgrade to energy efficient appliances.

To shop for Orange22 eco-friendly furniture and accessories or to learn more about the Botanist™ Collection, please contact us.