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Environmentally Friendly Products Now Available in Every Color under the Sun

If you’re used to the idea that anything eco-friendly has to be drab and boring, we intend to explode that myth today. Powder coating allows us to paint any of our metal products in just about any color you want, and still be friendly to the environment.

Powder coating is socially responsible and environmentally sustainable because it is applied to metal as a dry paint. An electrostatic charge binds the powder to the metal until the product enters the manufacturing oven, where it is heated to fuse the paint to the metal.  The powder does not include any solvents, which are the main ingredient in paint that is harmful to the environment. The presence of solvents also raises the risk of fire in the manufacturing process.

Powder coating is an environmentally-friendly process for a number of other reasons as well:

  • There are no volatile organic compounds.
  • Excess powder can easily be captured and recycled during the coating process.
  • There is no need for a drying period, so the manufacturing process takes less time.
  • Powder is safer for employees because there are fewer hazardous chemicals involved and powder washes off easily.
  • Powders “cure” (bond with the metal) at lower temperatures, which saves on energy consumption.
  • There is less waste in the coating process.

Powder coating has been used in a wide variety of manufacturing processes for over 30 years now, for everything from display racks to exercise equipment, automobiles to patio furniture, in every color under the sun. As you can see from our color chart, we offer a number of bright, pleasing colors, and you can easily order custom colors as well.

So whatever perfect color you have in mind, powder coating can bring that vision to reality. Contact us today to learn more.