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Green Your Office: Create an Environmentally-Responsible Surrounding

This isn't about turning everything green in your office. If you are unsure about the universal word 'green;’ it is about focusing your attention on sustainability and the preservation of the environment. When you 'green your office', it indicates that you have an understanding of global warming, the greenhouse effect, and how pollution is detrimental to our land and water; acknowledging these, proves your social responsibility in the workplace. 

Going green is not only a great way to save green, (like trees, grass, plants, many vegetables, and possibly a lot of money), but also a means to give back what has been taken from the earth. Therefore, the concept of ‘green your office’ is to strive for sustainability; where even the furniture in the office has no negative environmental impact, as a result of its existence. Everything in your office (or workplace) may not be 100 % sustainable, but here is a list of eco-friendly items – equipment, fixtures, and furniture – to consider when redesigning your office space and doing your part for our planet. 


  • Ergonomically designed chairs are important for long hours of sitting.
  • Make recycling easy by adding desk-side recycling bins.
  • Minimal design Wall Desks from BOTANIST™ can help eliminate the clutter and create more space in your office than you've ever imagined.
  • BOTANIST™ Tables, recycled from aluminum; making them light-weight and easy to move.
  • Energy- efficient lighting will save you money and use plants as natural air filters.


  • Computer Considerations:  Laptops consume five times less energy than desktop PCs.
  • Printers: Some brands, like Hewlett Packard (HP), utilize recycled parts in their newest models; and Nokia, along with other companies, are introducing greener printers.
  • Fax machines are unnecessary. You can use a fax software program and save paper. 
  • Copiers: Look for energy-saving models, which will shut down the machine when not in use.

With environment-friendly products present in your office it is clear that you care about the planet, your employees, and the next generation, for that matter. 

For more on greening your office decor, contact us.