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Botanist Travels to Australia & New Zealand Shores


Baresque Studio Collection launches ‘Botanist’ benches and side tables in collaboration with Milton Glaser, Massimo Vigneli, Karim Rashid, Yves Behar and Dario Antonioni.

Manufactured in Australia for the first time, the award winning collection marks Baresque’s expansion into finished goods, a realm separate to their current production of premium wall coverings, fabrics and finishes. In teaming up with a trio of world-renowned designers, the collection boasts innovative design coupled with practical furniture solutions.

‘Botanist’ starts with Flow, a minimalist form which is powder coated and heat finished to deliver a highly durable and UV stable finish – at home indoors and out. Available in a range of colours, ‘Botanist’ benches sit comfortably as accompanying pieces in the home or as an added ‘pop’ of colour to your interior or exterior space.

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NYT's On Kickstarter Designers Dreams Materialize


Published: September 21, 2011

Dario Antonioni, who runs Orange22, a design consultancy in Los Angeles, said he decided to try Kickstarter after seeing Mr. Wilson’s success, which sent “shock waves” through the design community, empowering designers.

Mr. Antonioni, 38, turned to Kickstarter in July to finance the Botanist Minimal bench, a bentwood seat he designed. In the past, he said, his firm would have risked its own money, hired a manufacturer and hoped for enough retailer and consumer interest to turn a profit, or at least break even.  

“The beauty of Kickstarter is it does away with that whole model,” he said.  

The appeal for backers, particularly those who finance design projects, is what they get in return: a gift like a T-shirt for smaller contributions, and for larger ones, a well-designed product at a substantial savings. Mr. Antonioni’s backers, for example, could get the Botanist bench by pledging $299; it will eventually retail for around $800, he said.

Mr. Antonioni has raised more than $36,000 on Kickstarter, exceeding his $20,000 goal and enabling him to place an order with an Asian manufacturer. And in the process, he said, he received valuable feedback from “a global audience” without doing costly market research or renting a booth at a trade show. “We don’t need a business plan,” he said. “We don’t even have to leave our studio.”

If the designers like Mr. Antonioni sound excessive in their praise, consider the challenges they face in an economy where research and development money has dried up, many design firms aren’t hiring and attracting investors is a time-consuming, low-yield endeavor. Mr. Wilson said that when businesspeople are approached with new product ideas, they can be overly cautious and “hedge their bets or demand crazy terms or retail margins” — if they are willing to lend money at all.

As Mr. Antonioni put it, “If I went to the bank today and said, ‘Can you give me $37,000 to make furniture?’ they’d laugh at me.”

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Lounging at Rivera Resort & Spa in Palm Springs with Botanist

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 The peacefully decadent Rivera Resort & Spa in Palm Springs gets decked out with our Botanist Flora Bench.


Botanist Minimal Launches on Kickstarter

We are excited to launch a new fund raising effort on Kickstarter for our new Botanist Minimal Bench.
For a limited time get unprecedented pricing for this new modern icon that includes FREE SHIPPING.
Take advantage of this opportunity and help us get Botanist Minimal Funded!

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University of British Columbia Loves Botanist

The UBC was founded in 1908 and is home to over 40000 students and 9000 faculty and staff. The university recently completed a large renovation which included a new student lounge. The UBC student board selected Botanist as the main furniture element to define the lounge space. The new modern transformation was the design creation of Proscenium Architects based out of Vancouver BC.

UBS New Student Lounge - Designed by Proscenium Architecture & Interiors

Botanist Benches and Tables specified include: 

  • Flora Side Tables by Brandon Lynne in Matte Black & Glossy White
  • No Ornamentation Bench and Low Table by Claude Zellweger in Matte Black


All images curtesy of Proscenium. All rights reserved. 


Luxury Retailer GILT Features Botanist™

Gilt Groupe provides invitation-only access to highly coveted products and experiences at insider prices. Gilt offers its members a curated selection of merchandise, including the best in home decor and entertaining essentials. Botanist was thrilled to be considered and featured on the coveted luxury site. Our sale was hugely successful having sold out of our entire offering in the short 36hrs. For those of you unfamiliar with the GILT Group check them out:


"Good design last longer" - Massimo Vignelli

 Legendary designer and Botanist contributor, Massimo Vignelli, shares his design philosophies in this unique documentary video by John Madere. 

View the Vignelli Botanist product offering here:

Massimo Vignelli from John Madere on Vimeo.


TASCHEN Highlights Botanist in its New Book

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The Botanist team was thrilled when UPS arrived today!

At first we thought it was an iPad that was recently ordered. Similar size and weight but then, surprise! Its a new book by world renown published TASCHEN entitled; Product Design in the Sustainable Era. Botanist by Orange22 was highlighted amongst other global innovators striving to make a difference through intelligent eco-consious design. Go team!

So that means that the iPad is still in transit. We love getting gifts in the mail.

Check it out below or on the Taschen website, Enjoy  > click here.


Obama Honors Botanist Designer Milton Glaser

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Botanist Designer, Milton Glaser

President Obama presented the medal after Glaser’s contributions to arts in the United States were recognized

The 2009 National Medal of Arts awarded to Milton Glaser


Glaser’s most recognizable icon in America developed to market tourism in New York

“All of us are here to share a recognition of the importance of the arts and humanities -pursuits and professions that enrich the mind, nourish the soul, and strengthen the character of this country. They bring us joy, understanding, and insight. They bring us comfort in good times and perhaps especially in difficult times in our own lives and in the life of our nation.”

These words were delivered by President Barack Obama at the White House on February 25th, 2010, during the National Medal of Arts ceremony. The National Medal of Arts is the highest award given to individuals or groups who are deserving of special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to the excellence, growth, support and availability of the arts in the United States.

Over the last 25 years, more than 250 individuals have been presented with this lifetime achievement award. Milton Glaser, one of the biggest names in design who has devoted lifetime to improving the way people communicate through innovation and graphic design, was presented with this prestigious award.

Glaser is recognized for his gift as a graphic artist to generate immediately recognizable icons like the I (Heart) NY logo. He has created memorable visual artifacts that challenge contemporary artists and delight all Americans. He is the only graphic artist to have had one-man shows at both the Centre Gorges Pompidou in Paris and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

During the ceremony, President Obama spoke of a yearning shared by all of us for truth, beauty, and connection that is satisfied by designers like Glaser who has enriched and enhanced America’s legacy. He has truly made the most of his gift and reached the peak of cultural achievement. Glaser is a testament to the breadth and depth of the human spirit, forging our nation’s legacy through meaningful artistic contributions.

The people who are shaping our legacy are “the creators, imaginers, entertainers — helping each of us understand the human experience and recognize that common humanity,” said President Obama. It is because of designers like Milton Glaser that we can understand who we are as Americans, a culture in which all of us can find a place.

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Epigram = An Ingenious Turn of Thought

The only modern furniture of its kind with Milton Glaser’s signature wit and simplicity

Glaser signing an authentic stainless steel badge for his “Epigram” series at the Chelsea Museum in NYC

Nowhere else in the world can you own furniture by Milton Glaser but through Botanist. Not only is Glaser’s “Epigram”series an ingenious turn of thought, it goes beyond the average end table, cocktail table, or bench to give funds to the International Rescue Committee. How smart is that?

You can be part of Glaser’s legacy by owning an original “Epigram” piece. You get a great piece of graphically designed furniture and feel good about supporting a worthwhile cause. Botanist is proud to stand behind The International Rescue Committee in their mission to make a difference through Milton Glaser’s “Epigram” collection.