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Perot Museum Installation

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BOTANIST by Orange 22 | Custom Museum Seating Program


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ideal use case environments 

Athletic Environments Bar & Restaurants Bathrooms
Beach Houses Casinos
Civic Spaces Commericial Use Corporate Lobbies Cruise Liners Education
Entry Halls
Gymnasiums Hospitality Institutional
Lecture Halls Libraries
Living Rooms
Medical EnvironmentsMud RoomsMuseums & Galleries Nightclub
Outdoor Landscaping
Pool Side Areas
Public Indoor and Outdoor Spaces Reception Areas
Retail Environments
Train Stations
TV Rooms
Waiting Rooms
Weddings & Receptions
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happy indoors and out

The Botanist collection is designed for outdoor use; they employ an industrial grade powder coating on the aluminum structure, which naturally resists corrosion. 

contract ready

Botanist pieces feature the durability, quality, and style that you expect from contract grade furniture.  

nesting end tables

Our end tables are made to nest over the cocktail table, combining to create a layered look that highlights the complimentary surfaces and materials. A small storage area is created that can be used to conceal magazines, remotes, and incidentals.  

mix & match

Having a hard time choosing which finish is best for you? No problem. Mix and match different materials and colors to create a set that is perfect for your environment. You can mix an end table from one designer, with the cocktail table of another.  

sleek and subtle

The sleek forms and intricate details of the botanist series communicate a sophistication of design and space. At home in a modern setting, as well as in the outdoors, the botanist pieces elevate the character of their surroundings.  

tough powder coat

Our powder coating is tougher than any paint. The process applies plastic resin particles to each peice, which is then baked in an oven, creating a durable layer of plastic on the surface. The colors are UV and weather resistant intended to be used outdoors. It’s the toughest stuff that we could find, and we think it looks great too.  

want to try your own graphic?

We are happy to apply your designs, including logos, patterns, and type, to our Botanist pieces. We can work with your designers to develop a product that fits your project. (Minimum order and setup fees apply).  
Example of bench template: 

want a custom color?

We use the TIGER Drylac® Series 38 coating system, and can create custom Botanist pieces using any of their avaiable colors. Contact us to receive a color specification chart (Minimum order and setup fees apply)  
add on security feet

use in a public space?

Our available surface mount security feet securely anchor these to the ground.
impossibly thin The thin profile cleverly conceals the true strength and durability of each Botanist piece.  

our factory

Our 215,000 square foot facility and distribution center is located in Pflugerville Texas. The 17,000 sf state-of-the-art coating facility has been in operation for over 32 years and is completely self contained and ISO 9002 certified.
water-jet Water is expelled from a small nozzle at a high velocity to create intricate designs in the aluminum. There is no heat involved in the process so the material maintains its integrity.

worried about strength?

Each piece is formed from a quarter-inch aluminum alloy sheet, making it durable, yet lighter than you might expect. In addition, the cocktail table and bench are reinforced furthur with a structural brace that is welded in place. Even the cocktail table can be used as occasional seating during an outdoor soiree or a loft party.  


TIGER Drylac® Powder Coatings are solvent-free and comprised of various synthetic resins, pigments and special additives for a high quality surface finish. Economic and ecological powder coatings represent the future of paint technology.  

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