Fabricated in Austin TX U.S.A.

Custom Graphics and Colors Available

Commercial Grade Indoor Outdoor Use

Airports | Museums | Libraries | Gyms

Retail Stores | Colleges | Universities | Parks 


Whats the custom design process like?

With our water jet cutting process we are able to offer unlimited custom art and graphics options on the Botanist form factors. Logos and custom quotes are quite typical but also various intricate patterns are possible.

The process is as follows: 

1) contact us with an overview of what you are wanting to do provide any flat line art or graphic files with dimensions to help communicate your intentions, form factors you want ie: bench, low table, side table, number of units and colors.

2) a team member will reach out with any additional questions and provide sample templates that inform what areas of the form factors can be cut into along w/ other important do's and don'ts. 

3) we then go back and forth with the client and our designers to get you a final art file that will be structurally sound along with pricing and lead times. 

4) when the design is considered final we ask for a sign off signature then the item goes into production after we receive payment. 

5) Pricing is done based on the design and linear cut length of the art work being proposed. There's a one time charge of $1000 for design review, engineering and toolings set up. Prices per unit vary from $2000 - $8000 again depending on complexity of the artwork. 


To start this process drop us an email at: orders@orange22.com 






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