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Where can I see your products in person? We sell on our website direct to customer and thorough a network of online e-commerce retailers. We do not have any traditional showroom partners. That model would increase our product pricing by 35%.

What’s your return policy for Made to Order items? All MTO “made to order” collections are all sales final. Non-returnable. Non-cancelable. Botanist and Carbon are MTO Collections. 

What’s your return policy for Stocked items? For Minimal Collection returns all original packaging and materials must be provided and the item repack in the same manner as received. Return request must be made with in 48hrs from receiving your product. Customer is responsible for return shipping costs and a 20% restocking fees will apply. We also require 4-5 photos showing the item re-packed in its original condition. Items that are not packed in the same manner as received will not be approved for return.

Are there any other fees for my return? Yes. 20% restocking fees apply to all returns so please make sure the item is something you really love and want prior to confirming your order.

UPS delivered a damaged box. How do I file a claim? Inspect your package thoroughly on arrival for any visible damage. Look for dents, holes, crushed corners, water stains, etc. If you see visible damage of any kind and if you believe the items inside would not have survived transit refuse the shipment otherwise filing a claim with UPS will more than likely be denied. Once a shipment is accepted from UPS the customer then takes on any liability as a result of damage sue to shipment so this is very important. 

My product arrived damaged. How do I file a claim? If there is no exterior damage to the box but when you open the product you find evidence of damage please take 3-5 photos and email them to us for review. These photos will help us determine if the damage is a factory defect or something cause by miss-handled freight. We will advise on next steps. Damaged product must be reported within 24hrs of arrival otherwise claims may not be approved. 

I need installation instructions? Instructions for our products can be downloaded online under the product description details.

Where are these products made? All products are designed in the USA. Botanist is “made to order” in Austin TX. Carbon is “made to order” in Mojave CA. Minimal is manufactured in China and Taiwan.

Do you offer a product WARRANTY? Yes, we offer a one year manufactures warranty from any defects from date of purchase. Our warranty does not cover damage as a result of normal day to day use.

Do you offer TRADE DISCOUNTS? Yes, we offer discount to qualifying professionals. Various forms will be emailed to you. Upon approval you will be able to place Trade orders.

Can you DROP SHIP? Yes. We drop ship directly to your customers anywhere in the world and we'll provide you with a tracking number. Items ship from CA or TX.

Minimal Collection F.A.Q.

What’s the collections philosophy? Inspired by the Eames minimalist philosophy these carefully designed products offer practical solutions and natural materials at an affordable price.

What’s the lead-time? Products are typically in stock unless otherwise noted on our website. They ship from our Los Angeles warehouse every Monday. We ship via UPS ground.

How is the wood bent? We use molds under high pressure and heat to bend the many layers that make up the wood thickness.

Why is there an exposed layered edge? This is an esthetic style that is a standard treatment for our Minimal collection and inspired by the luminary designers Charles and Ray Eames.

How should I clean my Minimal product? Clean using a damp cloth with mild soap. Do not use strong detergent or chemical cleaners and do not use wood cleaning products like Pledge. These chemicals damage the satin clean coat finish.

Can I use the Minimal products outdoors? No. They are designed for inside use only.

How much weight can the Minimal Wall Desk support? Both the large and small version of the wall desk can support up to a maximum of 100lbs when properly secured to a minimum of two wall studs. Never sit or lean on your Wall Desk.

How much weight can the Minimal Bench support? The Minimal Bench is rate to hold a maximum of 1000lbs distributed weight.

How do I install my Minimal Wall Desk? Please refer to the installation instructions included with your product. For the large desk we recommend anchoring the hang bar to a minimum of 3 wall studs. For the small desk anchoring the hang bar to a minimum of 2 wall studs is mandatory.

What tools will I need to install my Minimal Wall Desk? You will need a stud finder, cordless drill, screw driver, level, measuring tape and a pencil.

How many people are required to install the Minimal Wall Desk? Its possible to install the small desk on your own but we recommend 2 people to help install the large wall desk. When lifting the desk to secure it to the aluminum hand bar use the wire slot on the top of the desk as a handhold. Before placing any weight on the desk make sure to test it by applying pressure.

What is the clearance from the floor to the underside of the Minimal Bench? 17 inches.

How thick is the Minimal Bench? 1 inch.

What is the distance from the center support to the edge of the seat on both sides (front and back) of the bench? 8-1/2 inches.


Botanist Collection F.A.Q’s 

How can I GET A CATALOG? You can download a digital catalog under our “downloads” link. We do not offer any traditional print catalogs.

Do you have a COLOR CHART ? Yes. Our furniture is available in various colors. To download our Color Chart > Click here.

Can I request COLOR CHIPS ? Yes. Call Tiger Dry Lack, the makers of the power-coat used for all our products. M-F 9am - 5pm PSC (800) 243-8148. Prior to calling please download our COLOR CHART and reference the TIGER DRY LACK COLOR CODE in the small type.  > Click here to download Color Chart.

How do I get rid of SCRATCHES ON THE POWDER COAT FINISH ? Its normal for our Botanist aluminum tables and benches to experience wear and tare resulting in unsightly scratches. Here's a great video that shows the process for removing scratches and brining the shine back. > Click here for the YouTube Video  We recommend purchasing a buffer and the wax compound from

What are your LEAD TIMES? Botanist products have a 4-6 week lead-time. Special request items will have varying lead times.

Do you offer CUSTOM COLORS ?We offer Custom Colors from Tiger Drylac Powder Coatings Series 38, 39 and 49 which is a highly weather and UV_Resistant powder coat for exterior and interior applications. To obtain a Color Chart click here: 

Do you charge additional fees for CUSTOM COLORS? Yes, there is a one-time $250 up-charge. This fee is waved for orders over $20,000.

Do you offer CUSTOM GRAPHICS? Yes. There is an order min. of $10,000 along with a one time engineering fee of $2000. Depending on the complexity of your design a prototype maybe required at an additional cost.

Can CUSTOM SIZES be ordered ? Yes. There is an order min. of $20,000. Custom sizes have a 10-14 week lead-time.

Do you offer any way to SECURE the furniture? Yes, Botanist ship with anti-theft security feet that anchor into concrete or wood.

How are the graphics CUT OUT? We use a water-jet or laser cutting machine depending on the item order.

What TYPE OF ALUMINUM is used? We use a rust resistant Mill Finish 5052 Aluminum which contains up to 70% recycled content.

What are OTHER USES for Botanist? Botanist is as versatile as your imagination. Botanist has been used in modern homes, nurseries, schools, libraries, spas, pools, flower shops, events, yachts, mud rooms, airports, lobbies, entertainment centers, retail stores, and much more.

What about RUST, WATER and UV? Botanist is made out of aluminum and will never rust. The collection is designed to endure exposure to moisture and direct sunlight. Exposure to sea mist or salt water will result in scaling and possible aluminum corrosion.

How DURABLE is the POWDER-COAT finish? We use TIGER DRYLAC Powder Coatings Series 38,39 and 49 which is a highly weather and UV resistant powder coat for exterior and interior applications. Visit TigerDryLack online for more detailed spec information.

What is Powder Coating? Powder is applied to the products electrostatically adhering to the surface until it enters a curing oven. The powder cures into a highly durable, high quality, uniform finish. This process is tougher than conventional paint. Powder coating is a dry paint containing no solvents making it safer for the environment and workers.

How do I maintain my Powder Coat Finish? Wash the coating with mild soapy water and rinse off with clean water. Regular washing every 6 months under normal conditions, and more often in more severe marine and industrial applications will keep your powder coat looking like new. Do not use harsh abrasives or chemical degreasers.

How do I remove mild scratches and marks from my Powder Coated Products? In the same manner that you would remove mild scratches and markings from any automotive finish. The recommended process is to use a mild buffing solution or wax compound. These can be found online at places like -or-

For Scratch Removal we recommend: The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover System - Available on for $79.95

For Polishing Only we recommend: Meguiar's Classic Wash & Wax Kit - Available on for $27.14

Do you have CLEANING & SCRATCH REMOVAL INSTRUCTIONS? Yes you can download them here > Click here

What is the thickness of the metal? The thickness of the metal is .25"

What is the weight rating? The bench can hold up to 1000 lbs distributed weight. 


Carbon Collection F.A.Q's

Whats the lead time? 10-14 weeks.

Where is Carbon made? Mojave CA.


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